Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Shopping in New York City

Last week I hopped on a train, the Amtrack Carolinan 80, and went up to New York City for my first ever trip to the Big Apple. I stayed with a college roommate, who I haven't seen in 30 years. We spent two days in Manhattan.
Day1= Shopping!!!

First on my list (yes, I had a list written on a white notecard) was bead buying.
I found this bead shopping in New York article, which told me where to look--
the bead places in the big apple are on 36th, 37th, and 38th streets, between 6th and 6th Ave.
I went to a ten-story warehouse owned by Carl on 38th ave.
According to the article, he owns the entire building and has been in the bead business
since he was 16.
I got off the 2nd floor elevator and saw this...

Are you completely amazed?
I was.
I've read about this place--stacks of VINTAGE glass beads five feet high and five feet deep.
Carl met us at the door and gave us a brief tour.
There were rooms of metal chain and findings, pearls, semi-precious gemstones, and two rooms for vintage glass beads--one is very pricey, one is not so expensive.
Here you buy by the pound.
Carl's daughter and "grandma" were there working, packing up orders and weighing beads.
Carl handed me a cardboard box, smiled, and said, "Enjoy".
I spent alot of time in this corner, which had the less expensive vintage beads.

Of course, I started in the most EXPENSIVE Vintage glass beads pile...
Carl handed me this and I died...

Then he handed me this, clear glass crystals from Austria!

I helped myself to more vintage beads in the high cost pile. Who could resist? As you can see, I'm a bit nuts over purple and green beads...

So, I wandered next into the PEARL room.  I found these delicious button shaped pearls.
Most of the strands are very long!

Finally, in a remote corner, I went exploring for more vintage glass beads and found these gems.
The beads come packaged already in small to medium clear packages.
This makes them easy to toss inside your cardboard box!

Most beads came assembled in large hanks. Trust me, you get your moneys worth. However, some bead treasures are loose inside the packages. I took these home with me. I'm a bit nuts over the dark green ones!

When I came home, my ragdoll cat Abigail was waiting. She loves beads.

So, if you are going to NEW YORK CITY any time soon AND if you have a wholesale business license for your bead habit, visit CJS Sales Warehouse. Ask for Carl.
Wear old clothes.
Be ready to get dirty... and very happy.

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