Saturday, August 14, 2010

Living my NYC Reality Show Dreams!!!

A few years ago, I would have scoffed at the idea of watching reality tv. Now, like most America, I'm hooked. During my trip to NYC last week, I got to go to locations where three of my top reality shows are filmed.
First, my fav--Project Runway!
In New York City, FASHION RULES, and I was welcomed by wonderful shops with great dresses displayed in the windows.

There was even a store named after me!!!!

We went to Parson's School of Design where Project Runway is filmed. You couldn't go inside--it's a school with tons of security.
But it was fun just seeing it!
Hey, where was Tim Gunn?

Next, we dashed over to KLEINFIELDS wedding dress store, the home of the reality series

This is what you saw as you entered the store's shopping area.

Okay, let me just say here for the record....
I've NEVER seen such beautiful dresses in my life.
They take your breath away.
Seeing them on TV doesn't translate.
The first rack of dresses I saw were high-end designer gown
priced at $35,000!!!

The detailing was unreal. Here are silk roses cascading down the back of a dress.
I died.

Some dresses had this cris-crossing thing going on. I've seen it on the show,
but in real life, it's ten times more lovely.
Note the bejeweled dress in the background.
On TV, I thought these overly sequined dresses looked cheap.
In person, they are divine!

My other favorite fashion reality show is the Rachael Zoe Project!

On season one, during NY Fashion Week, she took a now famous (or infamous?) 20 minute shopping trip to New York Vintage! This is a cozy vintage dress store on 25th street.

They wouldn't allow me to take pictures inside the store,
but imagine trying on
A vintage Dior gown!

There were endless shops...
High end

And then something more like my speed.
Yes, there is a GIANT TJMAXX in Manhattan!!!
I died again!!!

Ladies, it was TEN TIMES bigger than your regular TJ Maxx stores.
I got lost in the handbag department.
A sea of handbags...What a dream come true!

My friend Paula and I came home from one day in Manhattan
exhausted but fashionably fulfilled.
We were greeted at the door by Lizzy!!!

Now, here is a fashionable pet!!!

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  1. Kleinfelds and a giant TJ Maxx...what more could a girl ask for? You lucky thing!